The Power of Connection

The Power of Connection Picture - Inspire Consulting Specialized AEC Construction Recruiting Towers, Inspire Consulting, Specialized AEC Recruiting, Construction Recruiting, Seattle Construction Recruiting, San Fransisco Construction Recruiting, New York Construction Recruiting, Austin Construction Recruiting, Washington D.C. Construction RecruitingWe maintain and cultivate a deep roster of candidates and are responsive to the immediate and future needs of hiring managers, HR departments, and other placement partners. We also offer ideas, strategies, and information about hiring trends and market conditions to help your company make smarter staffing decisions.

We partner with A/E/C firms of all sizes to fill the following positions:

• Superintendent
• Assistant Superintendent
• Virtual Design Construction/BIM Specialist
• Quality Control Expert
• Director of Special Projects
• Senior Project Manager
• Project Engineer (including entry level positions)

• Business Development Manager
• Marketing Manager
• Architectural Project Managers
• Commercial Real Estate Professionals
• MAC Managers
• Mechanical Engineers
• Civil Engineers

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How We Work With Firms

If your firm has a HR department, we serve as a trusted extension of that team. If your firm does not, we can seamlessly fill that role to support your hiring needs.

We regularly work with hiring managers, HR teams, regional VPs, and CEOs throughout the hiring process, from the initial introduction to employee placement to post-hire consulting.

Connect with us today to discuss your company’s hiring needs and goals.

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We Don’t Just Send Resumes — We Send People

A job candidate is more than a resume. These individuals bring the talent and drive necessary to help your company thrive, so finding the right fit is critical.

The benefits we offer your firm include:

  • Reliable access to quality candidates.
  • Vetting potential candidates.
  • Defining company culture to ensure the right fit.
  • Providing insights into the job market, future staffing needs, industry trends, and new technology.
  • Providing honest and direct communication.
  • Post-placement coaching and mediation services.
  • Strategic hiring advice.
  • Expertise in union and merit-based hiring.

We Believe in You

Inspire Consulting Women Advocate Construction RecruitingWe take the time to get to know you and learn about your skills, ambitions, interests, goals, and dreams. The benefits we offer candidates include:

  • One-on-one attention and guidance.
  • Understanding your expertise and work environment preferences including company culture.
  • Deep industry knowledge and close connections with firms of all sizes.
  • Access to a variety of placement options and work environments including traditional office, remote work, shared spaces, and flexible hours.
  • Promising career opportunities.
  • Guidance in forging a sense of connection with your workplace.
  • Respect and understanding during a time that can be disruptive and stressful for you and your family.

Learn more about our recruiting and placement process.

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