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Effective recruiting and placement is more than matching skill sets to a list of job requirements. Personality, temperament, company culture, and other intangible qualities are also essential when it comes to hiring.

That’s why we start the process by building trust and fostering friendship. For candidates, that means taking the time to understand your current situation, interests, and long-term career goals. For client firms, it means understanding your company culture, immediate and long-term hiring needs, and overarching business goals.

To provide the best experience for job recruits and client firms, our process includes:

Understanding your firm’s goals, culture, and vision

This includes identifying new hiring opportunities, current needs, and a strong technical understanding of the various positions you’re looking to fill.

Sourcing candidates to find the right fit

We maintain a strong roster of talented candidates to contact when filling positions. We also reach out to new candidates as necessary to find the best matches for your job openings.

Interviewing relevant candidates

We carefully vet all candidates before introducing them to your firm. This includes face-to-face meetings to get to know them better and assess their level of interest before recommending them to your firm. We can also interview candidates on your behalf as requested.

Managing the relationship and job interview process

We serve as a conduit between the client and candidate to build trust on both sides, facilitate constructive conversation, and relay information in a way that’s most effective for everyone.


We facilitate offer letters and correspondence with the recruit as requested.

Post-placement coaching

We’re here to make the transition as smooth and successful as possible for the recruit and client. We offer new hire support throughout the training period and provide coaching and third-party mediation to ensure a long-term mutual fit.

Ongoing communication

We keep in touch to offer you market analysis, help you identify future hiring needs, and educate you on emerging industry trends.

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